The following hard– and software setup is currently required 
to playback Immersive Audio on your device: 

Safari Browser on iOS13, iPad13 or macOS (Catalina!) devices. 
DO NOT USE HEADPHONES! Dolby Atmos renders on the builtin speakers. 
You also may AirPlay to another device (e.g. TV). 

Quick & Dirty: If you have an iPhone 11, navigate to the Safari Browser, click the link, take the phone sideways – don’t cover the stereo speakers. Press Play. And you may pump up the volume.

MICROSOFT Edge Browser
Playback on Dolby Atmos enabled notebooks with Windows 10 (e.g. from Lenovo, Huawei, Samsung). Dolby Atmos renders on the built-in speakers and headphones. You may Cast (Chromecast) to another device.
For Windows 10 instructions click here. 

GOOGLE Android mobile devices: 
Do not attempt to play clips from below here in browser. For Android instructions click here.
Dolby Atmos renders on the built-in speakers and headphones.
Playback on mobiles e.g. from Samsung, Huawei, Sony, etc.